What is the JOIN Project?



JOIN is a transnational network of young women for a just and social ecological transition that aims to create an urban-rural ecosystem that makes it possible, through relationships between young people, to bring together different approaches, perspectives and realities.

Join´s Objective

JOIN aims to create a space for transnational cooperation between young women through channels that enable the development of joint processes of participation and advocacy, generating actions that specifically promote the empowerment, leadership and civic and political action of young rural women. It builds a framework conducive to devising, innovating and promoting initiatives that build solutions to the socio-environmental challenges facing our society, aiming towards more inclusive, fair, egalitarian and sustainable scenarios. JOIN, from awareness, dialogue, participation and collaborative work among young women, creates a platform to connect rural and urban young women for joint reflection, access to information, networking of rural leaders, creation of new urban-rural links, co-creation and social innovation from the STS (Science, Technology and Society) perspective for:

1) Provide an opportunity to learn new experiences, raise awareness and motivate the youth community to take necessary action on environmental issues to contribute to building lasting actions for future generations.

2) To inform and sensitise young women to the applicability of STEAM areas in order to make the world a fairer place.

3) Identify youth leaders and generate cooperation links.

4) Design interventions to avoid the triple gap: gender, territorial and digital, generating a space for convergence and empowerment of rural women for their effective participation and leadership in the spaces of citizen creation.

Why JOIN is necessary?

Inequalities affecting young women pose a serious political, social and economic risk: generational, territorial and educational divides lead to exclusion. JOIN follows the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights as a guide towards a strong, fair, inclusive and opportunity-filled social Europe.

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