Workshops in Tou Play, Italy



Tou Play is an NGO based in southern Italy, in the town of Palo del Colle, and close to the city of Bari (Italy) where they have two other offices. It was created after an action of Contamination Lab EU of both universities of Bari and was created with the aim of transmitting culture and history to young people and tourists in a new, more interactive and enjoyable way, far from traditional forms of education, using group games, exploration and non-formal education as tools, encouraging integration, interaction and the discovery of new cultures.

During this first phase of the Join Project, 3 workshops have been held, of which we leave you some images in this post.

First workshop at Tou Play.

Second workshop at Tou Play.

Third workshop at Tou Play, in Ta’Rossa Agricola.

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