Awareness route along the Mar Menor


A beautiful view of Mar Menor sea at sunset from La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena, San Javier, Murcia, Spain

Would you like to learn more about the richness of the Mar Menor? In this workshop you will be able to do so. Keep on reading!

The Mar Menor is an area of great ecological, geological and scenic importance. Its peculiar characteristics make it a refuge and breeding place for dozens of seabirds and other living creatures that inhabit its waters, islands and shores. It is also Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon. The Mar Menor is home to a rich biodiversity of marine and terrestrial species. Some are of enormous biological importance because they are endemic or endangered.

In this workshop you will learn about the richness of the flora and fauna of the Mar Menor as well as its current and historical problems in order to contribute to the elaboration of recommendations to the different actors involved in the Mar Menor.

This activity takes place in the framework of the European JOIN Project “Transnational Network of Young Women for a Just and Social Ecological Transition”. The project is proposed as a necessary European synergy in the face of climate change and the reactivation of rural territories in the advance of a green economy, from an inclusive and gender perspective. To know more about the project click here.

What is the date of this activity? MONDAY 19 JUNE 2023.

Who can participate? Participation is FREE and open to everyone over 16 years old, especially women between 16 and 30 years old. If you are interested in the environment and want to learn about these and other topics, don’t hesitate to sign up for this activity.

Are there any requirements? No special requirements are necessary, nor is it necessary to have participated in previous project activities.

Where can I sign up? You can register at or by calling 685 836 866, providing your name and surname, ID number, age and contact telephone number.

Activities programmed in the Mar Menor workshop

09:30h. – Departure by bus from the Youth Service at Calle Cronista Varcárcel, 8 (Murcia).
10:10h. – Rambla del Albujón and Marina del Carmolí. Inlet of effluent into the lagoon. Dynamics of wetlands and salt marshes: their ecological importance. Fauna and flora observation.
11:00h. – Rambla de la Carrasquilla (Los Nietos-Islas Menores) to observe Calblanque and the importance of this watercourse for El Fartet and the agricultural fields.
12:00h. – Coffee at the Punta de Lomas beach bar.
12:20h. – Route Saladar in Punta de Lomas. Best-preserved part surrounded by crop fields. Playa Honda to Salinas de Marchamalo and Las Amoladeras beach.
14:00h. – Lunch.
15:30h. – Conclusions and recommendations.
17:00h. – Departure by bus back to Murcia.

Organised by: Youth Service of the Department of Equality, Youth and Development Cooperation of the City Council of Murcia. Project co-funded by the European Union – Erasmus+ Programme.

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