The workshops are developed under the STEAM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). This approach allows the teaching-learning process to be approached from an active, project-based, eminently practical and interdisciplinary process, encouraging autonomy, teamwork and decision-making.

In JOIN Project, they are proposed as a necessary synergy in the face of climate change and the reactivation of rural territories in the advance of a green economy from an inclusive and gender perspective.

M1 to M24 24 months (March 2022- March 2024)

Partner: Murcia • Global project implementation management • Elaboration of manual of procedures • Consolidation meeting • Definition of mobility criteria and guidelines • Designing evaluation mechanisms • Communication plan

M2 to M4 2 months (April-June 2022)

Workshops in Tou Play, Italy

Partner: Murcia. • Define methodologies for dynamisation, debate and continuous work.

M5 a M8 3 months (July-October 2022)

Partner: Filoxenia Greece. • Workshops preparation • Transnationals workshops • Identifying leaders Evaluation of the workshops

M9 to M13 4 months (March 2023)

Mobility for cooperation among youth leaders

Partner: Tou Play Italy • Mobility programming meeting • Transnational leaders' meeting • Evaluation of the meeting

M14 to M18 (November 2023) 4 months

Online cooperation between young women

Partner: Tou Play Italy • Planning the virtual cooperation event • Event implementation • Dynamising participation with online tools • Evaluation of workshops

M22 to M24 (March 2024) 2 months

Spread and impact

Partner: Filoxenia Greece • Development of the dissemination strategy • Closing event • Dissemination activities

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